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Yoga teacher

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About Blue Flame Creative:

Blue Flame Creative, in its early stages, is serving as a co-op for developing writers. It is growing under the direction of Melanie Klug. She currently teaches two ongoing writing classes and weekend workshops. Melanie uses meditation and mindfulness in her classes to help students develop presence and access their creative source. She also consults with writers on an individual basis to develop story, voice and character. Melanie envisions Blue Flame as a forum for Novelists, Memoirists, Screenwriters and Poets to showcase and promote their work. She is now coaching a group of writers ready to post bios, synopses and writing samples on the Blue Flame forum. Melanie further envisions Blue Flame to branch off into a production company for artists that are ready move beyond the images of fear and destruction that saturate the media. Our experiences of the world are formed by the words and ideas we attach to events. History doesn't have to be a trap. We can change our minds and open our hearts. We can let forgiveness speak and allow it to be heard. If you are ready to use words and images that enliven and uplift mankind, join us. If you want to use your art to focus on the journey of recovery rather than highlighting fear and pain, join us.

About Melanie:

Melanie Klug is a writer, creative writing consultant and yoga teacher. She earned her M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado. Her current writing projects include OM Town, a television series, Marilou and Marilyn, a screenplay and Background Artist, a memoir in progress. Her poetry collection, Plastic Moments, was published in the online magazine not enough night. Melanie discovered yoga twenty-one years ago when she was working as an actress in Los Angeles. She later started teaching yoga and practicing massage therapy at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California where she lived and worked for five years. She also produced and directed stage performances of The Vagina Monologues and Cravings (which she co-wrote) at Esalen and in the UK. She currently lives in St. Louis with her chihuahua, Rumi. She teaches yoga at Big Bend Yoga Center. She teaches creative writing classes through Blue Flame Creative.