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Background  Artist            

Plastic Moments

In structural engineering, the plastic moment (Mp) is a property of a structural section. It is defined as the moment at which the entire cross section has reached its yield stress. 

Click on the link below to read Plastic Moments, Melanie Klug's collection of poetry and prose:

Co-created/co-written by Melanie Klug & Lisa Birman

OM Town is a one-hour television comedy-drama centered around a yoga studio, The Yoga Center, in small town America. The series focuses on the teachers, students, and their families, as they try to integrate lessons from their yoga practices into their lives and relationships.

OM Town follows Marlena Hart, an internationally famous yoga teacher, as she returns to Kimmswick, her Midwestern hometown, confronts unresolved family dynamics and discovers the true meaning of yoga in a local, unpretentious studio. Marlena, AKA Luna of SoLuna Yoga franchise, struggles to reconcile her human desire for fame with the spiritual teachings of yoga. How can she have it all and still be humble?

​​​It’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.
                                   -- Marilyn Monroe

Marilou and Marilyn is a comedy adventure film traveling from the early 60s into the early 70s. 

Marilou King is a quirky, bombshell, Midwestern housewife who goes into labor when she hears the news of her idol, Marilyn Monroe’s death. Between contractions, Marilou remembers a tabloid article about Madame LaRouche, a celebrity psychic who claims there is a 24-hour window of possibility to reincarnate a celebrity following the time of death. Marilou enlists her best friend, the paramedics, and hospital staff to make sure her baby is born within the 24-hour window. Complications arise when the conflicting times of Marilyn’s death surface. Marilou, then sets out on a mission to find Madame LaRouche to help her confirm the identity of her daughter. Madame LaRouche, charlatan or not, ultimately forces all the members of the King family to question the belief systems that create their “reality.”

Background Artist is a memoir in progress that follows Melanie Klug, a naive Midwestern actress with big celebrity dreams, hoping to get noticed as she’s repeatedly cast as a background actor in 1990s Hollywood television and film sets. 

As Melanie becomes disillusioned, she practices yoga and meditation and discovers it is her meaningless thoughts that show her a meaningless world. 

Background Artist follows Melanie as she searches for authenticity and beauty in a world of glamour and fame. 


OM Town